I graduated from Sussex University with a First and went on to the Film Studies Course at the Slade School of Fine Art. After working as a film editor for the BBC, I was offered the opportunity to make a major documentary for Channel 4 TV: ‘Is There Anybody There?’. Presented by Dr Nicholas Humphrey. The 90 minute special investigated supposed paranormal phenomena in a sceptical perspective. It’s something of an antique but can be viewed here:

In the course of the next decade, I made numerous documentaries as a producer/director for all the major broadcasters – the BBC, Channel 4, National Geographic and Discovery. Highlights include the BAAS Award Winning ‘Byline: Blind to Science’, ‘Music on Two: Erik Satie, Things seen to the Right and the Left’ (BBC/ARTE), 5 documentaries for the BBC Horizon strand, and 3 for ‘To the Ends of the Earth’, most notably ‘Search for the Sons of Abraham’.

I have worked as an EP and PD extensively outside the UK. I made a National Geographic documentary in Malaysia… and a number of series for Channel News Asia (International): for example, episodes of ‘Inside Indonesia’, ‘Danger Zone’, ‘Power and Piety’, ‘The Asian Century’ – and the series ‘Inventing SE Asia’ presented by Dr Farish Noor.

Youtube channel here.