Horizon: Before Babel (BBC)


This Horizon about the origin of languages won some of the best reviews of the series. A tough subject, filmed in the US, Spain and Israel.

No other television station in the world would have made the attempt or done it so well…
— The Times

…I find myself hooked to ‘Horizon’ with last night’s film on the origins of language, as fascinating as anything in the series. The programme’s intelligent, unpatronising tone assumes nothing more complex than an open mind and the thesis was expounded with economy and skill… clever visuals and the inspired use of Juliet Stevenson as narrator. Enthralling stuff all in all.
— Daily Mail

…the results of our exclusion from a linguistic Eden were wittily demonstrated… a brilliantly effective opening… The film took a firm course through its vast subject.
— Daily Telegraph

This was a fascinating programme which pushed you gently towards the conclusion that all our words derive from a single vocabulary…
— Independent