Why Reading Matters (BBC4)

This 60 minute documentary looked at the neuroscience of reading and was presented by Rita Carter. Made at BBC Scotland in Glasgow. Described by a colleague as ‘impossible to make’. BBC Official page on Why Reading Matters.
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21st Century Airport (Channel 4/Discovery)

21st Century Airport: Treasure Island

21st Century Airport: The Floating World 

21st Century Airport: 
Sayonara, Renzo Piano! 

Three part series about architect Renzo Piano’s battle to build an airport terminal on an artificial island near Osaka.
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The Late Show Special: Renzo Piano (BBC)

Up close and personal profile of the great Italian architect made for the BBC’s “Late Show”.
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The Late Show (BBC)

Daniel Libeskind’s Jewish Museum Sachsenhausen BBC Two — The Late Show
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Building Sights (BBC)

Three short films for the BBC’s prestigious long running architecture series: a new courthouse in Truro, Cornwall, Potsdamerplatz in Berlin with Daniel Libeskind and Los Angeles Airport with Michael Sorkin. BBC Official page on Building Sights.
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Erik Satie, Things Seen to the Right and the Left

 (Music on BBC Two)

This was a major 90’ profile made for BBC2 and Arte/France about the eccentric French composer. It looked and sound wonderful and was described 
David Attenborough as ‘original and imaginative’. The documentary featured Joanna MacGregor, Philip Glass, Gavin Bryars and Kurt Schwertsik who ’stood in’ for Satie…
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