The Highland Towers Disaster (History Channel Asia)

Awards Best Current Affairs Documentary, Malaysian Documentary Festival 2011 Tun Razak, National Geographic/FINAS Award Malaysian Documentary Festival 2011 Emergency: the Undeclared War, History Channel, Asia Winner, Best Script, the Malaysian Film Festival, 2010 I’m a writer on this.
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Danger Zone (Channel NewsAsia)

Producer: episode for Channel NewsAsia series Danger Zone, shot in Japan 2014.
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Naked Science: Birth of the Universe (NGC)

The story of the ‘Big Bang’ for National Geographic, filmed in Chile, the United States – and at Durham University. National Geographic Channel page on Naked Science.
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The Year the Earth Went Wild (Channel 4)

Feature length documentary – the story of 2006, a year of natural catastrophe. This was commissioned by David Glover at Channel 4. Channel 4 — The Year the Earth Went Wild
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Erik Satie, Things Seen to the Right and the Left

 (Music on BBC Two)

This was a major 90’ profile made for BBC2 and Arte/France about the eccentric French composer. It looked and sound wonderful and was described 
David Attenborough as ‘original and imaginative’. The documentary featured Joanna MacGregor, Philip Glass, Gavin Bryars and Kurt Schwertsik who ’stood in’ for Satie…
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