To the Ends of the Earth: Search for the Sons of Abraham (Channel 4)

Terrific story about the Lemba people of South Africa and Zimbabwe who claim to be a ‘lost tribe of Israel’. We follow Prof. Tudor Parfitt’s search for the solution from southern Africa and into Mozambique. From there the trail points to the Yemen – and a genetics lab in London. This unusual piece of anthropological detection….really justifies the title of the series (To the Ends of the Earth) …” (Independent on Sunday)

”A mixture of Indiana Jones and Rider Haggard, full of false trails and dead ends, rushing rivers and arid deserts…” (Daily Mail)

”Tudor Parfitt ended up in the Yemen and it was a pleasure to travel with him. Television quests often end in disappointment. This one didn’t. — Times
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To the Ends of the Earth: The Abyss (Channel 4)

Documentary about a British expedition to descend into the infamous ‘Low’s Gully’ – a canyon that cuts through Mt. Kinabalu in the Sabah province of Malaysia. Spectacular: ‘Scenes of beauty and sheer jaw dropping terrain combined with human struggle, fear and excitement ‘Into the Abyss’ has all the makings of a ‘Touching the Void’-style documentary with the added bonus of the expedition ending in success.’
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To the Ends of the Earth: Phantom Tiger (Channel 4)

A film not about finding the tiger – but about the mythology of an extinct animal. The film won a Cinematography award in Australia.
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