***Update, January 2018: I am embarking on a new book which should be completed at the end of this year for publication in 2019. The working title is ‘Deception’ and the story unfolds against the background of the Hungarian Holocaust in 1944.

My first book ‘Himmler’s Crusade’ (Transworld/Bantam) has been translated into a number of languages and won the Italian Premio Gambrinus ‘Giuseppe Mazzotti’ prize in 2006. ‘Hitler’s Foreign Executioners’ was long listed as History Book of the Year by Longmans/History Today in 2011 and has been widely translated: the Polish edition was a non-fiction best seller. ‘Massacre in Malaya’ (2013) is a radical reinterpretation of how the British ruled Malaya and fought the ‘Emergency War’ between 1948 and 1960. I contributed a chapter to ‘Archaeological Fantasies’, edited by the late Professor Garrett Fagan. I was a contributor to ‘The Waffen SS‘ published by the Oxford University Press, December 2016.

I have a number of non-fiction projects in progress.