News about Batang Kali case

I received the following email from John Halford who represents the families of victims of the Batang Kali killings…

I write with some news on progress.
The Supreme  Court has listed the families’ appeal for a two-day hearing on 22nd and 23rd April. It will probably be heard by a 5 or 7 judge Court. The judgement is likely to be forthcoming 2-4 months after the hearing. 
Maddeningly, the government is reviving their bankrupt arguments about the Sultan of Selangor or the High Commissioner of Malaya being responsible in law. They also have an ally on the main arguments in the form of the Attorney General for Northern Ireland, who is intervening to argue against there being a duty to investigate pre-Human Rights Act deaths (because of the implications this would have in Ireland). 
Here are some details of the Court, which is in Parliament Square:-

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