Historic press release Batang Kali – more to come

Press release 19 March 2014 Human Rights Convention requires inquiry into Batang Kali  massacre says Court of Appeal, but uncertainties over its enforceability in UK courts deny victims a remedy The UK’s Court of Appeal led by its second most senior judge, Lord Justice Maurice Kay, today handed down a judgment on the Batang Kali massacre case. It represents a turning point in the sixty five year campaign for justice by survivors, family members and thousands of supporters in Malaysia. At their appeal hearing last November, four family members of the 24 unarmed civilians shot dead by British soldiers at Batang Kali village argued that Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights imposed a duty on the UK to commission an independent inquiry, despite the killings having occurred before the Convention was drafted and signed. Noting that the important principles on which their case was based had never before been tested in a UK court (judgment, para 71), the Court of Appeal today held it was “probable” their case would succeed in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg (para 83), adding “the appellants have forged the first link in the chain” (para 85) to establish an […]
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